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Target Practice For The Win

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While guns tend to get a bad reputation, they continue to be a very hot item on the market. There are many people who enjoy hunting and going to shooting ranges for leisure. Every town seems to have a shooting range and they are great businesses. To become a good hunter or shooter in general, a great way to practice is through target practice. You can set up empty cans in a row in the back yard for practice, go to a shooting rage, or something called a dueling tree is also great. These are steel targets mounted to a post that when hit, flip from side to side. Many would probably use this as a game between two people, but even then it still provides great practice. You can make them homemade rather easily or buy the real deal for a pretty penny. Generally a person will spend close to $700 on a solid tree for target practice. For someone who enjoys shooting, it is money well spent.

There are two types of trees according to GearReview. One is the standard edition which is aimed at only handgun shooting. The second is Heavy Duty where this is aimed more towards rifles. Tyler Kee provides great explanations on trees, the different types, and the amazing sustainability. The paddles provided with the tree are meant to uphold the damage from a gun of your choosing. Kee explains how the only thing you will really ever notice is chipped paint and bullet indention’s. A part from that, your purchase this product should be a one and done deal.

When purchasing a tree, it is best to find one that have steel targets. Steel targets are great for numerous reasons provided by ActionTarget. Reasons such as sight, sound, and pure entertainment. You want the steel target for sight so you know exactly what you are aiming at. That, and when hit you will easily see it spin or go to the opposite side. Sound is important because you want to hear that you are hitting nothing but your steel target. Any other noise you might here could be something not so great. Steel targets are also extremely durable. If you make cardboard or plastic targets, you will find yourself replacing them more often than you like.

There are hundreds and thousands of companies that make these products. It is up to the consumers discretion how much money they want to spend and the quality of the kind of tree they wish to purchase. If someone is very passionate about shooting then they will want to spend a little more than the average dollar on this particular product. If it means handing over a few hundred dollars for something that will last a lifetime, then why not? Not only are they great for target practice, but they are great for entertaining as well. Friends who also love to shoot will always want to come over and take advantage of cool, free target practice.

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